International speaker, Sharon Wallace

Try to imagine life as an abused child.

Yet in even your darkest imagined thoughts you cannot comprehend what it’s really like to be abused and abused by the people you thought you could trust. Your family.

You wouldn’t wish the pain and suffering on your worst enemy.

Abuse is a word – with haunting images.

Welcome to my website. As an international speaker, it is always a real privilege to be invited to speak at events and groups where I can offer hope, insight and some inspiration on a wide range of emotive and challenging topics that I’ve had immense first-hand experience with.

My life hasn’t been one of luck or charm, nor do I believe I’ve led the life I was meant to. My life changed as a baby when my mother abandoned me. This act set about a sequence of events that would shape and try to blight my life for years. At nine years of age, my mother reclaimed me.


Despite continual adversity, I entered my 50th year with greater peace about my past and optimism for my future.

My belief is tough challenges in life happen to those who can cope with them. Having said that, how I’m still here today as the violence I was subjected to literally almost killed me, is like a miracle. For years I buried my grief and bewilderment, feeling too ashamed.

But I’m most certainly not my past and most definitely am my future.

Determination and courage are the only things you need in order to take the next steps towards Victory in your life and away from being, or feeling, a Victim.

Trust me. I was abused and neglected for many many years. I didn’t know why at the time, and still don’t know why now. Truth and justice evade me. At least for the time being.

I am a Victim to Victor.

You can be too.

Be good to yourself,


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From the Author

A House Full of Whispers

Enduring Life’s Trials Makes One Stronger – Memoir Offers Hope, Healing and Information to Victims of Domestic Abuse.

Surviving a House Full of Whispers

The second in a trilogy and takes the reader through the second stage of my recovery from a childhood filled with violence, sexual assaults and psychological trauma.

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Wise Words


Although I am but a small ripple in an ocean of pain – I hope that one day the ripples will unite and become the tsunami of all  those who weep.

Living with manipulation doesn’t mean you know how to manipulate!

Growing up with abuse doesn’t have to mean the abused will become the abuser.

The past can only affect our futures if we take it along with us.

The only way to release the hurt is for you to let it go.