‘Woman drunk in charge of her child’ – Shocking News Story

8th April 2011

I read this news report in our local paper about a mum (blog picture is of this guilty woman) was drunk in charge of her child at a play den and had open bottle of vodka.

Abusing children is not just hitting or striking – it comes in many forms including neglecting your child through your alcohol drinking habits.  How can someone be charged with dangerous driving having had a drink and not child neglect or even endangerment?

In this news story, I believe the child concerned is still with this mother and without the help she needs will only carry on drinking and neglecting her children, but more secretively, and until the children are hurt or worse, killed. Because of the parents alcoholism their innocent lives will be blighted. I always wonder about extended family in situations like these and even the father’s involvement? Surely someone else must have been aware of this woman’s drinking?? Too many children are left to suffer because society is afraid to intervene.

Child abuse is a community issue! It’s only at the gravesides of those little angels do we weep, hang our heads in shame and say – “I knew and wished I had done something…” After all these children will eventually become our doctors, nurses, solicitors, care givers – frightening thought!

Well done staff at the play barn for reporting this woman and possibly stopping a fatal accident.

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