55 years young and still making mistakes!!

22nd November 2011

All those who wish you well on a birthday are the ones important in your life. Those who are missing are missing for a reason. I have had a wonderful day but it was marred by my past and revelations that when my abuser broke my leg it was broken the day before my 14th birthday.

How sad, I remember the day so clearly and how I fought with all my emotional strength to survive one of the most severe beatings I had well documented in my 1st book. But had until recently, no recollection of my impending birthday.

The investigating officer who is looking again into my allegations of serious mental, physical and sexual abuse gave the date to me when my medical records were attained to prove the injury.

My past is what defines me and has made me the adult I am today, I watch my granddaughters playing boisterously in the lounge and know they will never forget a birthday and only excitement and innocence will walk besides them for the remainder of their childhood. The picture i have used for this blogg is of my self aged 19 years with my first born – this little man taught me how to love again and I managed to keep my promise to him and his brothers x


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