Its doesn’t rain unless it pours!

30th May 2011

It doesn’t rain in my house unless it pours and the past week I think a monsoon has been firmly hanging over my roof.

Evie my mother in-law has made a remarkable recovery and is now in a rehabilitation unit and hopefully after getting all the out side help we will need for her on going recovery, she will be home with us soon.

My house will have to have adaption’s for Evies return so will seek help from out side sources and take what ever available is offered as I am weary of the commitment the whole family will have to make if her returning home is to be viable.

The girls have been very loud and boisterous and unsettled with so many changes in their lives over the last few weeks. 1st Evie, their much-loved Nan- affectionately known as I-I, was taken to hospital after a fall. Then I was taken in for major surgery a few days later, resulting in them being left with baby sitters whilst poor Mike my husband, their daddy -visited between wards, making sure both his mother and wife were okay.

On my return home both girls were very clinging and would not leave my side for a few hours. I was also confronted with records I had applied for from my past medical history – they would prove some very wrong doings. I cannot say any more until legal help has been sought but will explain as soon as I can.

But the 3rd book in my “Whispers trilogy” should make a spectacular finish to my life’s story.

I am now 10 days post operative and feeling much better and more relaxed about the future. My husband Mike has been a little unwell and I can see how exhausted he is with a bad bought of M.S affecting his daily life and making his mobility harder to attain. I just hope he recovers to a standard he can live with.

I have taken the time whilst recuperating to make 4 speeches to be up loaded to youtube, busy – busy- all the time.

So until next time please look after your selves and take a little me time for all you busy people….


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  1. Sue Blake says:

    Sharon – I am pleased to hear about Evie and hope you are still doing well from your recent operation and that Mike is feeling improved too.

    You always inspire me Sharon, x

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