Money well spent.

31st May 2011

Sun Newspaper Tuesday 31st May 2011

Money well spent

I read in the sun today that £100,000 was spent in legal fees to kick out an illegal paedophile immigrant. Zulfar Hussain 48, was allowed to stay on the grounds he had a wife and two children in the U.K.

The home Office appealed and won, Hussain supplied youngsters with ecstasy tablets and lured two girls into a sex trap. The police who investigated commented, “His deportation is a victory for common sense”


I was also glad to read in the same newspaper that 121 Brits were arrested in Paedophile ring It is the biggest ever operation and has enabled 230 children being rescued. Keep up the good work and any one who has – historically or is abusing a child. Remember

The truth is always out there sitting on simmer turn up the heat and the kettle will boil over


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