Life’s hurdles!!

30th June 2011

Up nice and early and ready to let my community know about the Fish Pedicures existence. Stayed up until 2.oclock in the early hours making leaflets and printing out pictures to place on the windows of local shops and to hand out to all the mums in the local area who would be taking their children to school.

Sophia aged 3– my good alarm clock woke me at 6.60 I jumped out of bed exhilarated but tired from my lack of sleep. I made my way down stairs put sausages in oven clicked on the kettle and sorted the washing in the tumble dryer.

Mike was still in bed as I slipped the bread in the toaster and the eggs ready to fry. With my cup of tea and a juice drink for Sophia, I sank into the sofa and clicked on the television ready for Sophia’s children programs that would entertain her for five minutes -whilst I enjoyed the stillness of the house that would be bursting with energy once Skye and Mike woke, and breakfast would be eagerly eaten amongst the chatter and excitement of talk on what the day ahead holds.

The News came on and I was unsure what I was hearing- Schools were closed due to strike action – I sat mouth wide open trying to digest this information, yesterday I was speaking to a detective inspector about my childhood and explained no matter what I did or where I went it was never without fanfare or the unusual—Once again I had worked to attain a goal, once again fanfare and the unusual has intervened.

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