Amy Winehouse Dead!

25th July 2011

Amy Winehouses death has bought to the forefront how judgmental people can be. What spiteful innuendoes some have placed on the Internet about her death.
She wasn’t just an addict or a drunk. These were merely things she took. She was however a daughter – sibling- niece =- and friend to many. She was talented and had the most soulful voice I have ever heard. She was loved by her family and adored by her fans.
I am the mother of a son who is addicted to heroin it’s a terrible rollercoaster of emotions for the addict as well as the family. If my son passed away as a direct result of his addiction I would mourn my loss just as deeply as I would my son who fights in Afghanistan. Yes I expect a knock at my door and know that losing him is a possibility. But equally so is day-to-day living. I am thinking deeply this day for Amy’s mother as deeply as I have in resent weeks for the solders parents who have been lost in battle from 1 rifles.
When Mrs Winehouse first held her newborn child (Amy) in her arms she had no idea what her future would be. Only like all of us we wanted the best for all our children. Like my self I could never have envisioned the life my son leads now. But he is my son and I will do all I can to protect and help him. So please, before you pass judgment think about your own children and how you would feel if it where them.

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