Starting over after kinship care.

15th January 2016


I have decided to open a beauty salon and know I have a very long road to make it succeed. I worry about the girls and their futures and know if I can show them we all need a works ethics, it will help them to know working hard is the only way you succeed.

Both girls are now growing  fast and Skye just turned 9 years December 2015. Sophia will be 8 years in a few days time and both girls have grown to be amazing little people in their own right.

Skye has the most amazing sense of humour and is a loving soul. A far cry from the angry violent 11 month old we took on November 2007.

Sophia has been with us since she was born, and is a very intelligent little person who runs rings around both my husband and I.

I hope to be writing on here in a few years time that my journey to start my own business aged 59 is a success.

May England never forget her brave

11th November 2012


England mourns for her dead across the sea,

Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,

Fallen in the cause of the free. Click for more info

The child you abuse will become the adult who accuse!

10th October 2012


Sir James Vincent Savile OBE, KCSG Born 31st -10 – 1926- Died 29th 10-2012,

Best known for presenting the television show Jim will fix it, and Top of the pops. He was awarded the OBE in 1971 and knighted in 1990.

Before and after his death allegations were made that Savile had raped and sexually abused girls at the height of his fame in the 1960s and 70s. In October 2012, the Police began looking into  the allegations. Click for more info

R.I.P Sue xx

30th July 2012


Today I stood behind the family of one of my friends united in our grief at her passing. Sue was a very strong woman and always full of life.  Always quick to give an opinion her voice strong, even in a whisper people a few feet away could hear her. It was weird being in the same room, or chapel- with her and not hearing her loud thunderous laugh.


Standing besides a childhood friend who I havnt seen for many years I  felt angry with my self as I realised just how much she has always meant to me. As we parted we promised to stay in touch, I hope we are able to take a few hours of a day to do just that. Click for more info