Whitney Houston 09/08/1963 – 11/02/1963

13th February 2012


Whitney Houston 09/08/1963 – 11/02/1963

Another life destroyed by the demon drink and the devils whore (illegal drugs) they may not have taken her life that fateful day, but they sure as hell destroyed it many years before.

Fame comes at a cost for many. Whitney blossomed from a single rose as a child into the most amazing bouquet. Her rainbow of colour spanning over three decades and her unique voice equivalent to no other I have heard, nor am I likely to in my lifetime. Click for more info

Thought provoking!

19th January 2012

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I was sorting out the children’s toy boxes whilst Sophia sat quietly being entertained by the children’s program on the television.

“Mummy, why has that lady got one hand”? She asked. I looked to where she was pointing and saw the female presenter had indeed only one arm.

“Because she was born like that darling” I replied

“What’s born”? Click for more info

The eyes are the windows to our souls!!!

4th January 2012


To wear a mask daily is to deny your soul from living.

Depression takes a while to take hold like the silence of the night it creeps up and takes you unaware. Once it holds on it buries itself deeper, much like the bug that buries deep into the rug for warmth.

It takes months to peel off the layers that covered your soul. Some times without support we never quite get free and death is an option some choose. We don’t kill our selves because of our loved ones we don’t deliberately choose to leave them.


IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU- OR THEM, BUT ME. A tortured soul that believes eternal sleep will give  the freedom to let go!!




55 years young and still making mistakes!!

22nd November 2011

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All those who wish you well on a birthday are the ones important in your life. Those who are missing are missing for a reason. I have had a wonderful day but it was marred by my past and revelations that when my abuser broke my leg it was broken the day before my 14th birthday. Click for more info