Ten Years ago today 9/11

11th September 2011


Today is the tenth anniversary of a day that bought sadness and anger from all four corners of the world. Life is fickle and at a seconds notice we could lose some one without even knowing until that fateful knock on the door.

World trade centre is left burning and on the verge of collapse the pentagon collapses.  Hijacking – mass murders and terrorism at its evilest. 2,958 innocent people died and  more than 6,000 injured.

Mass suicide is committed when 19 Al-Qaeda hijackers die in the execution of their religious beliefs. Click for more info

Esther Rantzen

30th August 2011


Ref- Esther Rantzen reveals disgusting attack aged 15. The mail on-line


How I envy people who can be so matter of fact in there judgment towards some one who, after 50 years has decided to speak out about her experiences at the hands of a paedophile. I just wish I had the inability to believe it can happen like some of the people who have judged Miss Rantzen account on the mail on-line page. Click for more info

Paedos charter lets them see kids, the sun newspaper August 22 2011-08-23

23rd August 2011


Again the human rights of the paedophile are put ahead of the safety and wellbeing of a victim.

When a child is abused- sexual – physically and or mentally do these judges who make these rulings consider the victims.


Raped, left bleeding humiliated when told by paedophile it was their fault. Bloodied and bruised torn apart soul when told by the attacker – they made them do it. Click for more info

Depression, a lonely vile road!!

21st August 2011


Depression is an illness that makes the sufferer stand-alone. We are never really sure why we get so depressed that it becomes clinically severe, but I do know it is a lonely vile road to travel. I have recently just got over a period of depression that was caused by many factors in my life.

It started with my desire to better my self so I searched the internet for an agent to help catapult me into the media and become known as a public speaker, and  also get my message about child abuse issues Click for more info