life’s trials

17th August 2011

2011-01-19 08.46.03

I have been working now for a little over a month on my new venture, fish pedicure. It has been a mixed bag of emotions as I struggle with my private life and business. My son is home on leave from Afghanistan and my mother in-law due home from rehabilitation after a series of strokes. The girls are settled into Nursery after a few weeks of them getting infected with chickenpox. Sods law is they couldn’t get it together and as one returned to nursery the other became ill so a whole month was taken up by antihistamine medication and calamine lotion.   Click for more info

Life is not a rehearsal!!

31st July 2011


Your life is not a rehearsal so dont go over the bad bits and hold onto the sadness. Get up, dust your self off and rev up for the future.Each day is an unexplored adventure each with ups and downs. If you keep standing still in the ocean the sands will cave in and drag you down, so keep swimming. I know how hard life can be and how destructive the out come. But at the end of the day we are in control of our destiny. Its okay to mourn our loss and to grieve – feel anger when bereft. Click for more info

Amy Winehouse Dead!

25th July 2011


Amy Winehouses death has bought to the forefront how judgmental people can be. What spiteful innuendoes some have placed on the Internet about her death.
She wasn’t just an addict or a drunk. These were merely things she took. She was however a daughter – sibling- niece =- and friend to many. She was talented and had the most soulful voice I have ever heard. She was loved by her family and adored by her fans.
I am the mother of a son who is addicted to heroin it’s a terrible rollercoaster of emotions for the addict as well as the family. If my son passed away as a direct result of his addiction I would mourn my loss just as deeply as I would my son who fights in Afghanistan. Click for more info

New Business

18th July 2011

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When you start up your own business you never seem to think about the time and effort it ill take for it to really start earning you a descent living.

But I was reminded of this when arriving at work and most of my Garra Fish were dead and the tank resembled a massacre. It has taken me most of the morning to clean and reset the tank up and hopefully the remaining fish will be okay. Thank goodness I allowed for this when setting up but can only cope a few times with this out come. Click for more info