Join the Army and travel the world!!

13th June 2011


Join the Army and travel the world!!


The adverts used to entice young men and woman with that slogan – Now, its a completely different world.


What is a soldier’s job?

To pledge his/her allegiance to queen and country to carry out the orders of his/her superiors without challenging or obstructing them.

Many films make the lifestyle of a soldier exciting – full of wonderment fast cars and espionage, a real James Bond existence or Rambo character.


No one mentions the loneliness of war for the solider or the aching to see their loved ones for 6 plus months at a time. When a comrade is shot within ten feet of the solider he has to get his friend and comrade to safety and carry on. War has many victims and not just the ones who lose their lives in an endless turmoil of blood and conquest. Many men go off to war after the birth of a child and when returning sees a toddler they don’t recognize and the child shies away not recognizing the daddy stood before them. Click for more info

When pellet guns are not fun!

6th June 2011


My son was taking the washing off the line yesterday Sunday 5th June when he kept hearing a pinging sound, as though a small pellet was hitting the metal pole which houses the pulley for pulling washing line up and down.

It soon became apparent that some one was firing a pellet gun in his direction. We stood at the window trying to see which direction it was coming from. We have a large area behind us full of bushes and trees and uncut grass. Due to this time of year all foliage was full and in flower, making it almost impossible to find the gunman. Click for more info

Some one has to speak for them!!

1st June 2011


I am settling down to watch a program tonight on BBC1 21.00-22.00 Entitles Undercover care: The abuse Exposed.

It is a documentary about a gang of carers out of control and the system ignoring all the warning signs. I am unsure if the warning signs were ignored, more like too many repercussions if exposed.

Who do you run to when things go wrong, when the very people you are meant to trust are the ones doing the abusing- you don’t…  you live through it and get by as best you can.

The first few scenes had me crying for the ones who were suffering at the hands of the carers. Then anger swept over me. Terry Bryant an employee reported the abuse 3 times and did all Click for more info

Please sir I am a single parent!!

31st May 2011

As I was saying its okay I am a single parent and will shout the 8th!!



What in the world!!!

A convicted burglar was released early from prison because his 8 months sentence breached his children’s human rights.

Wayne Bishop 33, of Clifton, Nottingham admitted burglary and dangerous driving served only one month of his eight month sentence.

His neighbours reportedly think he is “ Nothing but trouble”

Bishop has a history of violence reports Andy Dolan of in 2008 Wayne Bishop was found guilty for using threats and intimidation towards the head teacher of his children’s infants school. After a row over a bracelet leaving the headmistress Dora Woods fearing for hers and her pupil’s safety. Click for more info