Money well spent.

31st May 2011


Sun Newspaper Tuesday 31st May 2011

Money well spent

I read in the sun today that £100,000 was spent in legal fees to kick out an illegal paedophile immigrant. Zulfar Hussain 48, was allowed to stay on the grounds he had a wife and two children in the U.K.

The home Office appealed and won, Hussain supplied youngsters with ecstasy tablets and lured two girls into a sex trap. The police who investigated commented, “His deportation is a victory for common sense” Click for more info

Its doesn’t rain unless it pours!

30th May 2011

It never rains unless it pours!!

It doesn’t rain in my house unless it pours and the past week I think a monsoon has been firmly hanging over my roof.

Evie my mother in-law has made a remarkable recovery and is now in a rehabilitation unit and hopefully after getting all the out side help we will need for her on going recovery, she will be home with us soon.

My house will have to have adaption’s for Evies return so will seek help from out side sources and take what ever available is offered as I am weary of the commitment the whole family will have to make if her returning home is to be viable.

The girls have been very loud and boisterous and unsettled with so many changes in their lives over the last few weeks. 1st Evie, their much-loved Nan- affectionately known as I-I, was taken to hospital after a fall. Then I was taken in for major surgery a few days later, resulting in them being left with baby sitters whilst poor Mike my husband, their daddy -visited between wards, making sure both his mother and wife were okay. Click for more info

Be careful what you wish for!!!

26th May 2011

Be careful what you wish for

I watched a heart-wrenching programme on TV last month which Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell presented on ITV about families who had been estranged for many years. I think the programme was called “Long Lost Families” - watching it made my emotions swing from happiness to grief, to envy and back to anger.

I was very moved by one woman’s story of how she had searched for her father for more than 20 years. He was eventually found living in Canada and when Nicky interviewed him and explained about a daughter he didn’t know even existed, his reaction was one I had always hoped my own biological father would have had. I was so happy for this woman when she met her father and was so thrilled he accepted her. Thank goodness programmes like this are being made so that we can learn about emotional situations and real life stories like this and see a happy ending. Click for more info

Ending ones’ life isn’t an act of cowardice

24th May 2011

Ending ones' life isn't an act of cowardice

Ending ones’ life isn’t an act of cowardice – it is the depths some have fallen too when nothing else has healed a tortured soul.

I was deeply moved to read a story in our local paper this week.

When you stand at the edge of your LIFE you don’t think of the people you leave behind as crying or missing you. You don’t do this to punish or hurt the loved ones you leave in such a quick unanswered way. You believe in your own low self esteem and stopping the pain of life itself is all that is in your heart-soul-and very being.

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