Teenage years!

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Life sometimes serves lemons

I just cannot get excited about a new year, I am normally quite jovial and eager to display a happy message for all. 2020 has been a year when I have lost so many people, the girls lost their birth mum and this has left me feeling sad beyond belief for both girls.
How do I welcome another year when it looks like it will take many others as the virus swiftly visits many households. Yes, I am scared I will die if I get this virus, my medical team have dictated to me how vulnerable I am. This hasn’t sat well with me, as I feel vulnerable for the 1st time in my life.
I have fought demons, people- situations that would crucify others, I have fought to maintain my sanity and fought for the rights of my granddaughters to live within their own birth family. Maybe I am too old to fight, maybe I see the hopelessness of it all, who knows. Maybe I don’t like depending on others as we all know this virus will only go with a joint effort from all of us.
I am tired of hearing the virus is a scam, its not as bad as the government portrays etc.
Open your eyes people, the government our trying to lesson the load on our N.H.S we as a nation are crippled medically as others put themselves in direct line of virus. When your ship sinks there are only so many life rafts to jump into. Miss the raft you are left to swim for your life!!! Many wont make it back to shore.
So for now, although its January 1st 2021 I see nothingness ahead if our countrymen don’t stand shoulder to shoulder to make sure the virus, and her many strains are kicked up the jacksy and shown the door!!
I hope 2021 is a better year ahead and that common-sense will prevail xx

Starting over after kinship care.

I have decided to open a beauty salon and know I have a very long road to make it succeed. I worry about the girls and their futures and know if I can show them we all need a works ethics, it will help them to know working hard is the only way you succeed.

Both girls are now growing  fast and Skye just turned 9 years December 2015. Sophia will be 8 years in a few days time and both girls have grown to be amazing little people in their own right.

Skye has the most amazing sense of humour and is a loving soul. A far cry from the angry violent 11 month old we took on November 2007.

Sophia has been with us since she was born, and is a very intelligent little person who runs rings around both my husband and I.

I hope to be writing on here in a few years time that my journey to start my own business aged 59 is a success.

May England never forget her brave

England mourns for her dead across the sea,

Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,

Fallen in the cause of the free. Read more…

The child you abuse will become the adult who accuse!

Sir James Vincent Savile OBE, KCSG Born 31st -10 – 1926- Died 29th 10-2012,

Best known for presenting the television show Jim will fix it, and Top of the pops. He was awarded the OBE in 1971 and knighted in 1990.

Before and after his death allegations were made that Savile had raped and sexually abused girls at the height of his fame in the 1960s and 70s. In October 2012, the Police began looking into  the allegations. Read more…

R.I.P Sue xx

Today I stood behind the family of one of my friends united in our grief at her passing. Sue was a very strong woman and always full of life.  Always quick to give an opinion her voice strong, even in a whisper people a few feet away could hear her. It was weird being in the same room, or chapel- with her and not hearing her loud thunderous laugh.


Standing besides a childhood friend who I havnt seen for many years I  felt angry with my self as I realised just how much she has always meant to me. As we parted we promised to stay in touch, I hope we are able to take a few hours of a day to do just that. Read more…

Man cuts off ex-girlfriends hair!

A man attacks his ex-girlfriend with an electric razor and cuts off her hair with scissors has been ordered to pay her £700 compensation!!!!

Justin Ninnim, decided this was his ex-girlfriends punishment for answering a phone call from a male friend in Germany.His punishment dealt out from Judge Gilbert in the Plymouth crown court was…. Read more…

Is this heaven?


Embroiled in my own silent reverie I walk among the clouds
No pain or guilt just peace a blanket of feathered plums
I walk with head held high my pace defined and sturdy 
Memories are stained from yesteryears soils

No tomorrows to fear or yesterdays to reproach 
Fear replaced by strength. Condemnations to approval, hate to love
War to peace, 
All my fortunes a clear tunnel ahead.
I am ready to believe in a higher being, I am ready to appease my shame
The good lord has allowed my soul to be cleansed in the lake of crowns
My past forgiven and accepted, my future whole and clean
I have to return from whence I came to mortal man 
The earth is a richer place than we will ever know
Heaven is a place of beauty bestowed with love and honour
No one judges what has been done; no one will avert his or her eyes as you turn
All are equal no kings or queens, no presidency or palace no prime ministers lair
No colour or creed, no higher or low, just souls who come together
Learning to live with love and compassion for all who have arrived 
Children run with autonomy and smiles even the ones who were beaten, are beguiled
I am sad I have to return leave this special sacred land returning to another life
Maybe rebirth will be better this time the tunnel has light as I slowly make my way
I hear the sounds of the people who will make me theirs today 
Once more born once more a time to be strong I hope this time 
They will want me to belong.

(C) SW 2012

R.I.P soldiers at the going down of the sun you will always be remembered xxx

Six soldiers  killed in Afghanistan bringing the total loss to 404, They lost their lives from a cowards bomb on foreign soil in Afghanistan.

Sergeant Nigel Coupe, aged 33.1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment

Corporal Jake Hartley, 20,

Private Anthony Frampton, 20,

Private Christopher Kershaw, 19,

Private Daniel Wade, 20

Private Daniel Wilford, 21.

3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment


Words fail me this day – I cant begin to imagine  how the parents  are coping with there terrible loss. Read more…

Yvonne Constance Wallace 20/08/1921 – 7/02/2012

Yvonne Constance Wallace

20/08/1921 – 7/02/2012

Neither known to many nor making any impact on the worlds stage, but the impact she had on my life immense.

Evie was 90 years old and had lived in our home for 12 years. We walked many months of illness and stood besides her fighting her corners many more.

I am left with memories to treasure and some to painful to want to revisit, dementia was to take hold of her the last few year

Evie was born in Calcutta India now known as Kolkata  on “20/08/1921 into a wealthy family that gave her certain privileges, she was the eldest daughter of Constance and Jack bonnet  and   had a sister and  three brothers who have sadly passed away but no doubt have greeted her home. She met James Wallace, her husband when she was 16 years old eventually marrying him aged 26, on

20th 12/ 1946 and had 4 children. “Michael” her eldest son is my husband. Read more…