Be careful what you wish for!!!

I watched a heart-wrenching programme on TV last month which Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell presented on ITV about families who had been estranged for many years. I think the programme was called “Long Lost Families” - watching it made my emotions swing from happiness to grief, to envy and back to anger.

I was very moved by one woman’s story of how she had searched for her father for more than 20 years. He was eventually found living in Canada and when Nicky interviewed him and explained about a daughter he didn’t know even existed, his reaction was one I had always hoped my own biological father would have had. I was so happy for this woman when she met her father and was so thrilled he accepted her. Thank goodness programmes like this are being made so that we can learn about emotional situations and real life stories like this and see a happy ending. Read more…

Living the dream?

I am doing something that I have wanted to do for years now. I wouldn’t say I am living the dream – far from it – I am expelling nightmares.

I have been told so many times to let my past go and to move on with my life by the very same people who have stood and argued because they were short-changed by a penny at the local shop. When buying a car we look around and we never choose to buy an old rusty bucket. When buying food we wouldn’t buy meat that was rotting and full of flies.

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Living with a permanent Ileostomy

When I was first told I was to have a permanent ileostomy I was in so much pain I would have welcomed almost any suggestion if it meant getting rid of it! However, I was not truly prepared for the consequences of living with this procedure yet I hope this blog entry will be useful to others who have recently had it done, or are due to.

After I’d had the procedure and ventured into town as normal, shopping etc, I felt very self conscious and was sure everyone could see the little bulge through my clothes as the ileostomy bag seemed to me to hang idly inside my clothing.

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Plymouth mum jailed for 28 days for allowing her daughter to play truant

I read this news feature mid April in the Plymouth Evening Herald.

Lisa Copeland, (pictured left), was sentenced to 28 days behind bars for allowing her daughter to stay away from school.

What sort of parent doesn’t care if their child is educated?

Her 28 days is almost up and I wonder how this mum now feels about her behaviour?

This is no excuse for being lazy and complacent where children are concerned. It’s about time the Council shook up these lazy parents and made examples of them all.

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Plymouth man accused of possessing 6,500 child porn images

I read this story recently in the Plymouth Evening Herald.

Oh dear, there’s another nail in the coffin in trying to stop this filth from being downloaded.

Some say child porn images on the internet is not actually child abuse. This staggers me.

The ignorance of this kind of naive comment.

How do these people think these images were made? Read more…

Dementia a bad enemy.

Evie, my mother in-law who has lived with us over ten years has fallen and is in the hospital. As she lay at the foot of the stairs bleeding at 2.30 in the morning I feared for her future. I was also worried about my ability to care for her much longer with the dignity she deserves. Many times I was angry-confused and depleted by her behaviour these last 12 months until dementia was diagnosed.


So much made sense after the diagnosis as I watched this lady slipping further into confusion and at times unable to remember the simplest of things then snapping back to the one we have known for many years. I watch Evie with the girls who has become more of a friend than great-grandma as her childlike veil envelopes her frail frame and she argues with them as though an infant. Read more…

Has the world just become a more dangerous place?



So Bin Laden is dead and we can all sigh a breathe of relief for a few minutes at least. I am unsure how or why any one could kill another in the name of their God. I am not the sharpest tool in the box, and some say even a few slices short of a loaf at time.

I am worried about the backlash of his death on the world and when first heard of his downfall, I was catapulted back to Sept 11th and the devastation of the twin towers attack. At least the families of the ones who were killed that day have some satisfaction that he is not able to plot another. Read more…

Osama Bin Laden Dead!

Osama Bin Laden

Was born March 10, 1957 he was born into Saudi bin Laden family and the founder of the jihadist terrorists and Al-Qaeda directly responsible for the twin tower attacks in the U S A  on September 11th and numerous other attacks against military as well as civilian attacks. Read more…

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann – almost 4 years later

Madeleine disappeared on the evening of Thursday, 3/5/07, whilst on holiday with her parents and twin siblings in the Algarve region of Portugal.

I have tried very hard to be objective about the disappearance of a little girl, who fell asleep one night in a room with her twin siblings, whilst on holiday.

Both parents are professional doctors who are trained to see and report abandoned/abused children who would have been left in similar circumstances.

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My Pre Easter Weekend Blog

I’m feeling incredibly sad at the moment as I have said goodbye to my son today as he is being deployed to Afghanistan, his third deployment and 2nd service in Afghanistan. I remember all too well when he returned last time and how this affected all the family psychologically. I was so afraid I wouldn’t see him again but he’s amazing and showed no emotion to concern us with about his departure. He joked and smiled, and then he drove out of sight..

I had to keep my composure because my small granddaughters living with us needed me to be strong.

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