Yvonne Constance Wallace 20/08/1921 – 7/02/2012

Yvonne Constance Wallace

20/08/1921 – 7/02/2012

Neither known to many nor making any impact on the worlds stage, but the impact she had on my life immense.

Evie was 90 years old and had lived in our home for 12 years. We walked many months of illness and stood besides her fighting her corners many more.

I am left with memories to treasure and some to painful to want to revisit, dementia was to take hold of her the last few year

Evie was born in Calcutta India now known as Kolkata  on “20/08/1921 into a wealthy family that gave her certain privileges, she was the eldest daughter of Constance and Jack bonnet  and   had a sister and  three brothers who have sadly passed away but no doubt have greeted her home. She met James Wallace, her husband when she was 16 years old eventually marrying him aged 26, on

20th 12/ 1946 and had 4 children. “Michael” her eldest son is my husband. Read more…

Esther Rantzen

Ref- Esther Rantzen reveals disgusting attack aged 15. The mail on-line


How I envy people who can be so matter of fact in there judgment towards some one who, after 50 years has decided to speak out about her experiences at the hands of a paedophile. I just wish I had the inability to believe it can happen like some of the people who have judged Miss Rantzen account on the mail on-line page. Read more…

Ending ones’ life isn’t an act of cowardice

Ending ones’ life isn’t an act of cowardice – it is the depths some have fallen too when nothing else has healed a tortured soul.

I was deeply moved to read a story in our local paper this week.

When you stand at the edge of your LIFE you don’t think of the people you leave behind as crying or missing you. You don’t do this to punish or hurt the loved ones you leave in such a quick unanswered way. You believe in your own low self esteem and stopping the pain of life itself is all that is in your heart-soul-and very being.

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Plymouth Royal Marine killed when bomb explodes in Afghanistan my local paper reported this week.

A Taliban bomb killed Plymouth based Royal Marine Nigel Mead who was just 19 years of age, as he searched a compound in the loy Mandeh Wadi area of the Nad-e Ali north district in Helmand province Afghanistan. His untimely death makes him the 365th British servicemen and woman killed since 2001.

He is the 1st Plymouth-based serviceman from Stonehouse-based 3 COMMANDO brigade to die since they took control of security in Southern Afghanistan last month.

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Living with a permanent Ileostomy

When I was first told I was to have a permanent ileostomy I was in so much pain I would have welcomed almost any suggestion if it meant getting rid of it! However, I was not truly prepared for the consequences of living with this procedure yet I hope this blog entry will be useful to others who have recently had it done, or are due to.

After I’d had the procedure and ventured into town as normal, shopping etc, I felt very self conscious and was sure everyone could see the little bulge through my clothes as the ileostomy bag seemed to me to hang idly inside my clothing.

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Plymouth mum jailed for 28 days for allowing her daughter to play truant

I read this news feature mid April in the Plymouth Evening Herald.

Lisa Copeland, (pictured left), was sentenced to 28 days behind bars for allowing her daughter to stay away from school.

What sort of parent doesn’t care if their child is educated?

Her 28 days is almost up and I wonder how this mum now feels about her behaviour?

This is no excuse for being lazy and complacent where children are concerned. It’s about time the Council shook up these lazy parents and made examples of them all.

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Plymouth man accused of possessing 6,500 child porn images

I read this story recently in the Plymouth Evening Herald.

Oh dear, there’s another nail in the coffin in trying to stop this filth from being downloaded.

Some say child porn images on the internet is not actually child abuse. This staggers me.

The ignorance of this kind of naive comment.

How do these people think these images were made? Read more…

Dementia a bad enemy.

Evie, my mother in-law who has lived with us over ten years has fallen and is in the hospital. As she lay at the foot of the stairs bleeding at 2.30 in the morning I feared for her future. I was also worried about my ability to care for her much longer with the dignity she deserves. Many times I was angry-confused and depleted by her behaviour these last 12 months until dementia was diagnosed.


So much made sense after the diagnosis as I watched this lady slipping further into confusion and at times unable to remember the simplest of things then snapping back to the one we have known for many years. I watch Evie with the girls who has become more of a friend than great-grandma as her childlike veil envelopes her frail frame and she argues with them as though an infant. Read more…

Osama Bin Laden Dead!

Osama Bin Laden

Was born March 10, 1957 he was born into Saudi bin Laden family and the founder of the jihadist terrorists and Al-Qaeda directly responsible for the twin tower attacks in the U S A  on September 11th and numerous other attacks against military as well as civilian attacks. Read more…

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann – almost 4 years later

Madeleine disappeared on the evening of Thursday, 3/5/07, whilst on holiday with her parents and twin siblings in the Algarve region of Portugal.

I have tried very hard to be objective about the disappearance of a little girl, who fell asleep one night in a room with her twin siblings, whilst on holiday.

Both parents are professional doctors who are trained to see and report abandoned/abused children who would have been left in similar circumstances.

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