Effects of new legislation on domestic violence

I watched on the news this morning and was interested to know more about the new legislation but it still leaves questions unanswered and may be someone reading this can explain the difference because I am hopelessly stuck with any answers.

Effects of new legislation on domestic violence will allow suspected wife/husband beaters to be banned from the home for up to one month even if the evidence is weak and not enough to charge perpetrator. This order would be immediate if a senior police officer fears for the safety of the abusers partner and children suffering further by the accused returning home.

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Yesterday’s Sun Newspaper Story caught my eye

According to The Sun newspaper on 11th April, it’s been claimed that at least five primary schoolgirls have been sexually assaulted by two boys AGED SIX!

This seriously beggars belief!

What is the world coming to when we cannot defend our children from being touched. These boys are still in the school and having to be chaperoned throughout the day.

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‘Woman drunk in charge of her child’ – Shocking News Story

I read this news report in our local paper about a mum (blog picture is of this guilty woman) was drunk in charge of her child at a play den and had open bottle of vodka.

Abusing children is not just hitting or striking – it comes in many forms including neglecting your child through your alcohol drinking habits.  How can someone be charged with dangerous driving having had a drink and not child neglect or even endangerment?

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My views on mixed-gender hospital wards

I saw this coverage in our local paper and felt compelled to write a blog about mixed-gender hospital wards:

In my view, mixed-gender wards should never have been introduced. I have been in and out of hospital a lot over several years and am always anxious about sharing a ward with men and I know many women feel the same. I was in hospital about three years ago in a single room and the rest of the wards were mixed-sex.

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Ex-Plymouth primary head teacher is GUILTY of sex attacks

I followed this case closely as anyone who knows me will know a guilty verdict is another nail in the coffin from keeping filth like this man away from our children.

A man in a position of trust (blog picture is of this guilty man) and trust for the most vulnerable in society – our youngsters.

I hope this serves to all those in a position of trust and respect that if you abuse the children, in your care one day they will become the adults who accuse.

My heart is saddened for what his victims will be going through at this time. A mixture of emotions. Incredible relief they were believed but tinged with sadness that their suffering and pain will continue – probably through the rest of their lives.

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The horrible danger of blinds..


Plymouth toddler 21 months dies in hanging accident

This little one’s daddy was working at my daughter in-law’s house a few days before and was very proudly talking about his family to her.

Words fail me how these parents must be feeling. He leaves behind a twin brother and another sibling.

Danielle’s mummy has spoken about her wishes that no one else should ever lose a child through such terrible circumstances. I have blinds running around the whole of my home but knew that they can be lethal for babies and youngsters.

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My experience as a “care home kid”

Last night on BBC 2 I watched Neil Morrissey in “Care Home Kid” – did you see it?

I watched and connected with Neil right from the start of the programme and knew the road he walked as my footsteps echoed his.  I hadn’t realised the programme was on until I was alerted about it and rushed to see it.