Ending ones’ life isn’t an act of cowardice

24th May 2011

Ending ones’ life isn’t an act of cowardice – it is the depths some have fallen too when nothing else has healed a tortured soul.

I was deeply moved to read a story in our local paper this week.

When you stand at the edge of your LIFE you don’t think of the people you leave behind as crying or missing you. You don’t do this to punish or hurt the loved ones you leave in such a quick unanswered way. You believe in your own low self esteem and stopping the pain of life itself is all that is in your heart-soul-and very being.

You don’t know the path this man walked – from childhood to the very point of jumping.

You see a tramp on the streets and judge him as that without knowing how he became so alone and lonely.

You judge an addict by his way of life without knowing – and so this goes on…..

Depression is born from oppression in many circumstance so let’s not judge this man, but try and understand why – so we may help others before they jump!!

My thoughts are with his family at this time and may this tortured soul now rest in peace.

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