Esther Rantzen

30th August 2011

Ref- Esther Rantzen reveals disgusting attack aged 15. The mail on-line


How I envy people who can be so matter of fact in there judgment towards some one who, after 50 years has decided to speak out about her experiences at the hands of a paedophile. I just wish I had the inability to believe it can happen like some of the people who have judged Miss Rantzen account on the mail on-line page.

If Esther had spoken out about this 50-30-20-or even 10 years ago it would have been when she was ready. How come it’s always the accuser who has the harshest interrogation?

It’s about time we listened and acted for the child. Esther speaks as an adult but with the memories of a child, would you be so quick and judgmental if a child the same age approached you?


I believe society is changing, and has changed dramatically the approach to this some times unbearable subject. But still paedophilia is a subject uncomfortable for many to talk about. We need to protect our children and the only way this will be achieved is by others coming forwards and telling the world their tortuous experiences at the hands of the abusers who believe a child’s silence will keep them safe. Paedophiles beware the child that you deem fit to abuse- will soon be the adult WHO WILL ACCUSE!!!


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