Ex-Plymouth primary head teacher is GUILTY of sex attacks

7th April 2011

I followed this case closely as anyone who knows me will know a guilty verdict is another nail in the coffin from keeping filth like this man away from our children.

A man in a position of trust (blog picture is of this guilty man) and trust for the most vulnerable in society – our youngsters.

I hope this serves to all those in a position of trust and respect that if you abuse the children, in your care one day they will become the adults who accuse.

My heart is saddened for what his victims will be going through at this time. A mixture of emotions. Incredible relief they were believed but tinged with sadness that their suffering and pain will continue – probably through the rest of their lives.

The truth is Neil Dyer will serve his sentence and then be returned to society to live out the rest of his life. His victims will never have that peace.

I want to add that I respect so much the children/adults who suffered at the hands of this person for coming forwards and speaking out.

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  1. Paul Dyer says:

    I was a pupil at Widey Court from ’74 / ’75 to ’80 and just found out that Geoff Burley (or Neil Dyer as he likes to call himself) got seven years. Not nearly enough. He’ll be out in four. Probably have to change his name again and move elsewhere, though. He deserved more just for being a sadist. Being whacked on the back of the knees by a fat sweaty bloke with overpowering aftershave is no fun. I can’t even remember the reasons: I was pretty well-behaved. Not surprising though. Take it from someone who worked in criminal justice that it’s anything but that, beautifully illustrated by the fact that the Forensic Science Service (which I worked for) folds up next year due to dwindling profits.

    Take it from me that being a forensic scientist is frustrating too. Although the police picked up the bill for my sevices, I was required, I feel, to take impartiality to the nth degree in order to help the criminals (presumably so that they would walk free, reoffend and provide more work). In addition, although I wrote “in my opinion” and signed my statements, they wouldn’t be released unless I agreed to write whatever my checking officer wanted. Of course, scientists working for the defence don’t have their work checked and can come up with any explanation they like for the evidence in order to help the criminal. As long as an explanation is possible, that’s all they need to write. They don’t have to mention that it may be incredibly unlikely.

    I’ll always remember having to write “this is what I might expect if” as “consistent” was considered too prosecution biased.

    I’m glad that people like you take (the lack of) criminal justice seriously.

    Kind regards

    Paul Dyer

  2. Nicola says:

    Ever considered he was not guilty and an innocent man has been sent to prison. I was taught by him – a very good teacher and a fine person

    • Richard Pearce says:

      No, that’s what we have a court system for! A fine person, are you sure you were taught by him you’re not getting him mixed up with someone else are you. I saw him undo a boys swimming trunks tie cord with his teeth once…………just being helpful I presume and remember him giving the ruler to a girl for forgetting, ironically, her swimming costume. Just one of many occasions that I could recount to condemn a viscous bully of small children and clearly a pervert. Maybe he was also innocent of all the other criminal charges he had previously been convicted of as well.

  3. Barry Ewart says:

    I was taught by this overpowering bully at southway primary school in the sixties, whilst he did not sexually molest me he made it quite clear he despised me and took great delight in humiliating me. Even as a 10 year old , I knew he was a bully. One time he had to leave the class and another female teacher took over for part of the lesson before he come back, and I was having difficulty grasping the subject, and started crying and shaking with fear, the female teacher comforted me and asked what was wrong, and I told her I was afraid of Mr.burley … I could tell she knew what he was like….. Why did the other teachers not do anything . As a footnote ,yes he did smell of overpowering aftershave all the time,and always had his blue eyed boys.. Hope you rot in hell burley you pig !!!

  4. Nicola Chaffe says:

    No I do not jumble this man up for another.
    He was a very good teacher. Perhaps you did not encounter some of the other masters Widey employed in the 1960s and 70s.
    Mr. Burley was strict but scrupulously fair unlike many and I think we live in an age where compensation pay-outs are a big motivator.

  5. Nicola Chaffe says:

    Regards the knotted trunks cord. Have you never undone a knot with your teeth? I have. What was he meant to do? Cut the cord and ruin the trunks or have the boy stuck in them all day?
    Get a grip.

  6. Nicola Chaffe says:

    Can you tell me why my replies that were polite and factual were not entered? Do they not suit your one sided persecution

    • Lilly Downs says:

      Are you for real? My partner was sexually abused by this teacher!!! He’s 51 now and only just told me. You were a girl, he obviously liked his prey as boys!!

  7. Nicola Chaffe says:

    You had more replies than the 4 listed. You have chosen not to display all because they run against your prejudice and viscious persecution of a good, decent man. The are elements mentioned on your page which are inaccurate. I do not blame the writer. Sheep often believe what they are told unquestionably when in reality they do not know who the original instigator is or their agenda

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