Public speaking

“No one can do anything that we don’t allow them to, after a certain age.” Sharon Wallace.

As a popular public speaker (some say sought-after but I am too humble to say that and graciously receive the complement), I gather much solace from the comfort and HOPE I am able to share with others in a similar situation to mine that, ‘soon too, this day will pass’.

I know all too painfully (and bear the physical and emotional scars to this day) how destructive, cruel and devastating abuse is.

People tell me I’m an ‘engaging public speaker’, whatever this means. I hope it means people know I speak from my heart with genuine feelings, experience and observations of life,  and my intention is to give people some light and hope along the way.  I also hope that  people trust me and genuinely connect to me because trust is so deeply important as a human being. Those of us who have been, or heaven forbid still are being, abused, value this more than anything. The ability to trust those I should have been able to trust – my family – was denied to me for too many years. I don’t suffer fools gladly because of it, yet have been willing to learn how to form relationships with real meaning in all areas of my life.

If I can move on from such desperation to living a full and loving life, I believe you can too.

My public speaking style is warm, engaging, inspiring and witty (yes, we must laugh in the face of adversity!). People often say that I “seem to know what they have been through”. Trust me, I’ve walked in similar shoes to yours, lived to tell the tale and am stronger because of it.

I speak on a wide range of subjects from 45 minutes to 2 hours, including:

  • Child abuse – from the child’s perspective
  • The fight for truth and justice
  • Why I chose to take the Polygraph Test
  • Taking on the medical profession – and winning – when they gave me a hysterectomy without my consent
  • Coping with the after shocks of medical negligence
  • What it’s like to raise your second generation family
  • Life after bowel cancer and how to enjoy life despite a permanent ileostomy
  • My perspective on eating disorders – my life as both an anorexic and bulimic
  • My son is addicted to Class A drugs – a mother’s candid story
  • Losing it all and starting again – bouncing back from bankruptcy
  • Self harming and cutting
  • Nursing my family through physical and mental illness
  • Learning to love myself after time in a mental health unit
  • Why fighting for your rights is important
  • I never gave up and I will never give in to bullies
  • Going it alone – becoming an entrepreneur at 50+

As a former abused child and young woman, I’m able as a mature woman, to share my unique experiences and insights in such a way that gives both respite and hope.

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