Happy in my heart

5th July 2011

I have watched and listened to the media reporting on historical abuse issues and how many paedophiles are at last being made to atone for their sins.

I feel happy in my heart every time I read an adult has been granted justice for the crime against them from yesteryears.

Survivors of this crime speak with the voice and stature of an adult- but the words and explanation are of those as a child. I wish all those who have been wronged so violently and violated so young a happy and fruitful life beyond the indignities of their childhoods. I hope one day to see abuse of the innocence a thing of the past and that paedophilia harder to obtain. Only this will be achieved if we keep sending out the message to these disdainful individuals—-            ONE day the child you are abusing will become the adult who accuses x :-D


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