Has the world just become a more dangerous place?

2nd May 2011



So Bin Laden is dead and we can all sigh a breathe of relief for a few minutes at least. I am unsure how or why any one could kill another in the name of their God. I am not the sharpest tool in the box, and some say even a few slices short of a loaf at time.

I am worried about the backlash of his death on the world and when first heard of his downfall, I was catapulted back to Sept 11th and the devastation of the twin towers attack. At least the families of the ones who were killed that day have some satisfaction that he is not able to plot another.

But I am a mother of a son in the armed forces serving in Afghanistan, who has been fighting over there on the frontline. Not a day goes by that I don’t worry or wonder where he is. I know he has seen many things that made him cringe on his first deployment to afghanistan, and if you met my son you would know not much  fazes him, so this tells me what a hard job lays before him on his resent deployment.

As a parents left behind we- his father and my self,  worry about that knock on the door from the officials who visit in uniform. I know one thing for sure, if my son dies doing this job I will be comforted in the knowledge he died doing what he wants. He is a very committed solider and at all times loyal to his battalion.


But I, as his mother cant stop worrying for his safety and when its announced on the television another soldier has died, I am filled with grief for the family but thankful it’s not my son whose name is splashed across the news. I look at his daughter Connie, and hope she will see her daddy again.


So Bin Laden is dead and the world rejoices but I know like many, another fanatic is ready to step into Osama’s shoes. His predecessor will have to gain the respect of his followers. So what will this latest leader have up his sleeve to gain their respect?

Its not the leaders that needs to be killed it’s the idea and as long as these terrorists believe in the cause we will not stop this atrocity.

But what do I know I am just a mother OF A SOLIDER but one thing has struck me whilst writing this – the number 11… how ironic this man was felled 2011.


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