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“My life was always a bed of roses, only someone took my petals and left me with only the thorns.” Sharon Wallace.  Victim to Victor

I knew I had to write my story and started writing my first manuscript early on in my marriage. It took years to complete, what with raising a family of five sons.  Writing is as cathartic for me as it is deeply painful.  Reliving my past opened old wounds.  Yet, even though the atrocities towards me were many years ago, my wounds are not so healed that they could not easily re-open.

A House Full of Whispers was first published in 2007 and republished in 2011; the first in the House of Whispers trilogy.  My second book, Surviving a House Full of Whispers was published in 2009 and I am currently completing the manuscript for the third and final title which should be released in early 2012.

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A House Full of Whispers

“I was so engrossed by the author’s life I could not put the book down, my heart aches for her and although I have never been a big reader I wiped a few tears.”

Enduring Life’s Trials Makes One Stronger

A memoir that offers hope, healing and information to victims of domestic abuse.

The first in a trilogy and an honest account of my childhood whilst living with my family from age ten to sixteen. You are welcome to peep into my life and walk beside me, I always wanted to be the centre of attention nearly drowning to achieve my goal.

Although abuse is also present in this book it does not centre solely on the subject, I would love to belong to a pain-free, abuse-free society but know this will never happen as long as it is buried behind closed doors and minds.  Click on the book to buy from Amazon

Surviving a House Full of Whispers

“If you suffered in childhood, or are in a helping position to those who have, then you must read this book.”

This is the second in a trilogy and takes the reader through the second stage of my recovery from a childhood filled with violence, sexual assaults and psychological trauma.

This book talks about my struggle to overcome my pain. I self-harmed for many years and resisted the urge to continue the dysfunctional lineage that was passed down to me. I raised five children and many more but this is my life I speak of and it is not, and never will be, without drama! Click on the book to buy from Amazon