Join the Army and travel the world!!

13th June 2011

Join the Army and travel the world!!


The adverts used to entice young men and woman with that slogan – Now, its a completely different world.


What is a soldier’s job?

To pledge his/her allegiance to queen and country to carry out the orders of his/her superiors without challenging or obstructing them.

Many films make the lifestyle of a soldier exciting – full of wonderment fast cars and espionage, a real James Bond existence or Rambo character.


No one mentions the loneliness of war for the solider or the aching to see their loved ones for 6 plus months at a time. When a comrade is shot within ten feet of the solider he has to get his friend and comrade to safety and carry on. War has many victims and not just the ones who lose their lives in an endless turmoil of blood and conquest. Many men go off to war after the birth of a child and when returning sees a toddler they don’t recognize and the child shies away not recognizing the daddy stood before them.


We as parents and family left behind greet our children – parents – partners home and expect them to settle back to family life straight away. The trauma most soldiers suffer is hidden from view but played over and over in there minds much like that video nasty we all have the luxury to cover our eyes through.


Soldiers have to return more than once back to a country that has taken many of their comrades through violence and many back to the killing fields of atrocity that causes the nightly terrors of the hardest of men and woman. Many are out on the field for many weeks cold and hungry waiting for an unseen enemy to fire upon them – they have the sky as there blanket and the cold freezing mud as their beds they have to kill or be killed in many instances or deal with their own men shot before them with life threatening injuries – or worse- dead.


Life is hard and cruel for our soldiers and not idealistic, as many believe.  As they stand in front of their loved ones they know in a few weeks they will be returning. May be a few weeks after their return a few stolen moments on the phone will give the solider enough normality to carry him/her on through the next few months of yet another bloody tour.


I remember when my son was sixteen and I signed the papers given permission for him to join the armed forces, I never thought in my wildest dreams he would have to serve in a war- why as a mother would I want to place my son in Afghanistan and or Iraq!!


I spoke to my son last night Sunday 12/2011 who serves the 2nd time with his battalion in Afghanistan He sounded lost and alone. Not by anything he said but by what I as a mother felt. His little girl Connie was a few weeks old when he left will be several months older on his return. My son knows what his duty is and executes it at all times with respect and honour to his Queen and Country. I am very proud of him and know like his last tour of duty was over he would need silence – compassion – and time to deal with the scars of war and the horrors he witnessed. I am here when he returns and will once again wait for my son to be ready to speak about his terrors of war and to go through his trauma and guilt of shooting others or stumbling over the aftermath of a scene from hell. So the next time you see a solider remember they are more than just that, they have weathered the strongest of storms and return with debris from the tempestuous winds that blew!!


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