Life is not a rehearsal!!

31st July 2011

Your life is not a rehearsal so dont go over the bad bits and hold onto the sadness. Get up, dust your self off and rev up for the future.Each day is an unexplored adventure each with ups and downs. If you keep standing still in the ocean the sands will cave in and drag you down, so keep swimming. I know how hard life can be and how destructive the out come. But at the end of the day we are in control of our destiny. Its okay to mourn our loss and to grieve – feel anger when bereft. To feel isolation from an experience so tragic it seeps into our souls and captures the person within changing them for ever. But sooner or later if we dont release the titan inside of us we become embittered and unlovable as we bury deeper the person we are, and in its place stands the hurt painful soul that others start to move away from because sadness and emptiness is all we can show. :cry:

Experiences of life isn’t what defines us, its how we react to these situations that does. x :-P


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