Life is worth the effort

6th July 2011

I am feeling very sad today almost as though I am grieving the loss of some thing- or one. It has been a hard few months with so much going on in my life that I  find it hard to believe at times.

Skye has gone to big school for an hour this morning and I sit waiting for her return I am thinking so much about her future and how much she has changed since she first came to live with us. Gone is the violent little 11 month old who lashed out at the least attempt to cuddle her, with no trust  towards any one. In place is a lovely- lovable 4 year old who has no violent out-bursts and enjoys a cuddle and will say without hesitating how much she loves you.

I am a little tearful with pride as she walked with attitude towards the car on her first big adventure and the first stepping stone towards her academic life. I just wish her parents were here to see this and know one day they will be either drug free- or dead! Either way Skye and Sophia will pay the price of their addiction.  After writing this blog I am aware of why I am so sad, my little girl is growing up and I have stepped out of Nanny mould and into Mummy mould without realizing. Life is to short to live in misery- especially some one elses!!

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