Life sometimes serves lemons

3rd January 2021

I just cannot get excited about a new year, I am normally quite jovial and eager to display a happy message for all. 2020 has been a year when I have lost so many people, the girls lost their birth mum and this has left me feeling sad beyond belief for both girls.
How do I welcome another year when it looks like it will take many others as the virus swiftly visits many households. Yes, I am scared I will die if I get this virus, my medical team have dictated to me how vulnerable I am. This hasn’t sat well with me, as I feel vulnerable for the 1st time in my life.
I have fought demons, people- situations that would crucify others, I have fought to maintain my sanity and fought for the rights of my granddaughters to live within their own birth family. Maybe I am too old to fight, maybe I see the hopelessness of it all, who knows. Maybe I don’t like depending on others as we all know this virus will only go with a joint effort from all of us.
I am tired of hearing the virus is a scam, its not as bad as the government portrays etc.
Open your eyes people, the government our trying to lesson the load on our N.H.S we as a nation are crippled medically as others put themselves in direct line of virus. When your ship sinks there are only so many life rafts to jump into. Miss the raft you are left to swim for your life!!! Many wont make it back to shore.
So for now, although its January 1st 2021 I see nothingness ahead if our countrymen don’t stand shoulder to shoulder to make sure the virus, and her many strains are kicked up the jacksy and shown the door!!
I hope 2021 is a better year ahead and that common-sense will prevail xx

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