life’s trials

17th August 2011

I have been working now for a little over a month on my new venture, fish pedicure. It has been a mixed bag of emotions as I struggle with my private life and business. My son is home on leave from Afghanistan and my mother in-law due home from rehabilitation after a series of strokes. The girls are settled into Nursery after a few weeks of them getting infected with chickenpox. Sods law is they couldn’t get it together and as one returned to nursery the other became ill so a whole month was taken up by antihistamine medication and calamine lotion.  I am also waiting for the police report regarding my past and hope I can at least get some justification from a complaint.

The past few months have been a learning curb for me in many respects and trying to fit into a salon where you are the last girl in can be dauntingly hostile at times. But I seem to be getting there but still learning, still making mistakes.

I hope this time next years to be able to put to rest many problems I am dealing with at present. So many things have happened in my life that if I sat down and really thought about it all I AM SURE I wouldn’t want to get back up. Life is fickle and some times cruel. I don’t think I will ever be completely happy and content because of the scars from my past that invade my every waking day. As long as the fight for justice goes on, my life will never be without the memories of yesteryears.


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