Man cuts off ex-girlfriends hair!

7th July 2012

A man attacks his ex-girlfriend with an electric razor and cuts off her hair with scissors has been ordered to pay her £700 compensation!!!!

Justin Ninnim, decided this was his ex-girlfriends punishment for answering a phone call from a male friend in Germany.His punishment dealt out from Judge Gilbert in the Plymouth crown court was….

10,months jail  suspended for two years 100 hours community work  a 9pm-6am tagged curfew on Fridays and Saturdays for four months, ordered him to pay his victim £700 compensation and imposed a restraining order until further notice.

You can listen to the full details of any story of abuse, but you will never be able to reiterate the fear and panic you experience  to the listeners.

This girl would have been absolutely terrified and at times in shock and denial. I dread to think what he had in mind with the knife!

The punishment should fit the crime and I dont think all the man hours of the investigating officers, judicial personnel  etc where worth this paltry sentence  .

This girls hair will grow back, he will be able to love and laugh again. But her emotional scars will take years to heal and her life will never be the same again….

She sadly will be the one with the longest sentence.


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