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Yesterday’s past memories I want to forget – tomorrow is my future, a time to live without regret.” Sharon Wallace – international motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur.

I’m an international motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur. I know I’m a woman of substance and integrity and a cherished wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

Placed into care at a young age, I spent many years in an orphanage (then referred to as a Home for Waifs and Strays!) with my two brothers. At the age of nine, our mother reclaimed us. I was systematically abused between the ages of nine and sixteen years. Abused young people typically know their abusers. My ‘night devil’ was a frequent visitor to my home, at whose hands I suffered systematic unspeakable physical and emotional abuse. As if this wasn’t enough, I also suffered abuse at the hands of my own mother.

Thankfully, my own wisdom, courage, self-respect and rock solid intention to be the best mother I can ever be (five sons, can you imagine my home!), have stopped this dysfunctional lineage. My alleged abuser is alive today and still escapes prosecution. I first reported him at the age of 16, but there was, apparently, no ‘evidence’ (why are ‘grown ups’ always believed more easily than a child?). My mother always stood by him and even lied to the police.

In 2007, I elected to take the Polygraph Test (the lie detector test) which I’ve since referred to as ‘my silent witness’ and I passed as a Non-Deceptive (which means, a truthful person) for the accusations I have consistently made for more than 30 years. He (abuser)has been challenged to do the same. He consistently refuses. My intention, and sheer motivation throughout all of the years in the fight for justice, is to have his name put on the Sex Offenders Register.

My understanding is that I’m one of a few people in the world who has elected to take the lie detector test as a victim – it is normally the accused who does.

In 2008, some 36 years after I first reported him and armed with the results of my Polygraph Test, he was finally brought forward for questioning. Wow, what a day. What a mixed bag of emotions. Yet I later learnt there were ‘no police records kept’ of my original allegation (records were apparently not kept in those days – hard to believe isn’t it and I am not talking the dark ages here) the Polygraph is still not admissible in the English courtroom as evidence, and he walked free. But my alleged abuse is now left on file with the police and recorded if anyone else comes forward with allegations of the same nature it can be used to help catch another paedophile.

But justice still escaped me. I even wrote a book called A House Full of Whispers in an attempt to flush him out, to have him accuse me of lies so that I could see him in court. It didn’t happen.

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