My son prepares for Afghanistan front line

31st March 2011

Today I received an email link that brought home to me the reality of my youngest son’s choice of career. I had just left him and his heavily pregnant girlfriend after eating a lovely lunch and enjoying their company.

My son is a British soldier and will be deployed for the second time to Afghanistan in the next few weeks. I know what he does is his choice and that he is proud to serve his country. I look at him with unimaginable thoughts racing through my mind. He is a sergeant and a very muscular man – a father to his son and a father to be to his unborn daughter.

But he is and always will be my youngest child.

Earlier this week in the South Wales Argus, I read a news piece about Afghanistan:

To watch your child getting prepared to travel to another country ravaged by war.  The preparations that have to be met for his journey and the inconceivable thought he won’t return.  We had to speak to each other about his wishes and his last will and testament.

But when all is said and done I am very proud of my son and support his decisions.

Semper Fidelis

Swift and Bold

Image Source: Defence Images’

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