My views on Jamie’s Dream School on TV

22nd March 2011

How do you Motivate the unmotivated youth of today?

David Starkey, one of the teachers in Jamies’ Dream School should never be allowed to teach in a class with vulnerable aggressive young adults. He used a disability to justify his arrogance and ignorance his behaviour as bad as the kids he was teaching. I was disappointed. I expected something different from such a brilliant man.

This television program shows us the hard task many teachers in real schools have to contend with and being a schoolteacher is not all about teaching the 3 rs.

Being qualified to teach does not make that person skilled to handle children’s negative behaviour in the classroom. Each child comes with its own agenda – background.

Where many see dysfunctional kids and are quick to blame the system, I see young angry adults in this TV documentary; young people with little self awareness or esteem with  no idea how to stop the dysfunctional life(style) that has now firmly got them into a pattern that would seriously hamper them as parents, and so it goes on.

This program seems at the moment to care more about the ‘celebrity’ teachers efforts to teach, than the pupils ability to conform to a classroom mentality. Too easily they were able to leave the room without anyone challenging their rude and inappropriate behaviour.

Jessica, one of the pupils in Dream School, was seen reacting to bullying in another school. I feel she was let down badly when she decided to allow others to know her sexuality. It’s hard to put the brakes on once you start reacting in a negative way towards those who appear to want to help you.

Yet I saw no evidence in that programme of any one trying to help her with this past trauma that sadly – very possibly – is the the reason for her lack of enthusiasm.

Harlem, another pupil featured, has so much anger and pain inside she is taking it out on anyone in her way. She cannot take responsibility for her own actions, but I believe what she says is the complete opposite of what’s inside. Her mother tried to justify her behaviour by blaming the Heads’ actions… It was not until she (Harlem’s mother) sat and watched a video of the actual events as they unfolded that she realized how badly her daughter’s anger needs to be addressed. But in real life you don’t have that forte.  I believe we need to look at family as well as school and stop parents jumping to their children’s defence when the truth is, too many are trying to defend the undefendable.

Jamial said he left school again because of bullying and I didn’t see any one asking him what – how he felt. You cannot keep kicking someone then run around complaining when they try to kickback.

Danielle showed remarkable sense as she stood out of the crowd and was determined to stick to the task given. In my opinion she stood out from the beginning of the program as a caring individual that really wants to learn. Makes me wonder why she was not helped back into the School system after being away 12 months.

What I gained from this program was to listen and learn at home, and we as parents already know our children’s faults. But many people won’t admit to them because it questions are own parenting skills. It also confirmed that most teachers are teaching under very difficult surroundings.

To teach our children to become loving caring adults, who strive to work and achieve what’s needed to become successful takes every one involved in their lives to attain this. Parents- teachers- extended family, all singing from the same hymn sheet.

You wouldn’t expect a builder to build-plumb-and furnish your house- would you?

Image Source: Jamie Oliver

2 Responses to “My views on Jamie’s Dream School on TV”

  1. Finn says:

    It’s David Starkey.

    If you’re going to post a rant about what’s right and wrong about education you shoud at least get the teachers names right.

  2. Milly says:

    In reply to Finn, not once do I see a rant on education and Sharon is right to bring about the comments made by Mr. Starkey, he had no right to use the size of a pupil to bully him. As for the spelling mistake you need to correct your own and practice what you preach.

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