Never judge a book by its cover

18th April 2011

I was wondering what to blog about today when I was drawn into a heated discussion on Facebook.

I asked that someone stop sending messages that had profanity and choice abbreviations splashed all over the vile messages being sent. I then became the object of Facebook bullying as this person continued the tirade of abuse in a private emailing war. Not pleasant and unexpected!

Yet through her words and actions I could see a very angry person who seemed to be taking all her frustrations and anger out on me – a faceless user who happened to be on Facebook at the wrong time.

After a few messages I knew I was getting to her because I kept my cool and didn’t respond in a manner that would have escalated her irrational outbursts. She calmed down and after a few more sedate emails between us she came across as a very caring person who indeed carries her own demons. I don’t know how I knew she was hurting or why I didn’t just block her like I have others in the past. Or even why I didn’t react in a manner she could relate too. But it made me realise that we should never judge a book by its cover and that when someone is angry and defensive there is usually a caring and hurt person hiding their pain.

This lady gave me some good ideas for future blogs and in a way I saw myself in some of her rants. But I have to tell you what she called me did make me laugh.

“An ugly old hag that resembled the back of a bus!”

When did I get so old and step into the old hag era? LORDY-LORDY.

Thank you Lorraine x

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