Our new grandaughter arrives – Baby Connie

4th April 2011

My weekend really started last Friday with the arrival of my beautiful Granddaughter, Connie Marie Wallace, my youngest son’s and his partner Tasha’s child. My son is being deployed to Afghanistan some time in the coming months and we all hoped Connie would show earlier than her due date of 15th April as her daddy could well have missed her birth otherwise. She didn’t let us down.

Welcome to our world sweet Connie. Connie, your daddy will have time to cuddle you now and enjoy the first few weeks of your life before he has to be away for the next 6 months.

My heart is heavy when I look at the photo on my phone of this son with his daughter, cradled in his arms, only 5 minutes old. I know Tasha has a hard road ahead of her as she also has another daughter who is 4 years old from a previous marriage and will have to raise them on her own for a while…

When I explained to Skye (one of my special guardianship granddaughters who lives with us) that Baby Connie had arrived, it gave me an opening to try and explain her own birth. Both girls (Sophia, Skye’s sister, is also within our special guardianship) call Mike and I, ‘Mummy and Daddy’ and although this has caused my sons to feel awkward when the girls addressed us as this. However, it was the girls’ choice and it was what was best for them. But I also know they need to know the truth and that Skye, now four years old can be told some ‘facts’ re her life. Skye and Sophia have always been told that they were in Kerry’s tummy (their biological mummy).

So the seed was sown and as Skye fired questions at me concerning babies and their mummies and tummies, I seized the chance to delicately and lovingly explain. She accepted all we spoke about and knows Daddy is also Grandpa, and Mummy also Grandma. Whether she really understands is not the issue – just having this knowledge will one day help her to achieve the next step of her dysfunctional lineage.

My third book currently in development details the problems we faced with Skye and Sophia and why they live with us and the hurdles we have jumped to get to the even road we are now at. I am rejuvenated and full of energy again after feeling so ill these last few weeks.

Watch out world Sharon is back……

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