Paedos charter lets them see kids, the sun newspaper August 22 2011-08-23

23rd August 2011

Again the human rights of the paedophile are put ahead of the safety and wellbeing of a victim.

When a child is abused- sexual – physically and or mentally do these judges who make these rulings consider the victims.


Raped, left bleeding humiliated when told by paedophile it was their fault. Bloodied and bruised torn apart soul when told by the attacker – they made them do it.

Troubled in mind- self-mutilation bulimia anorexic – the ashes left for the child who is constantly told they are worthless and condemnation their daily bread.

All children have rights- all children should be loved and nurtured to be the best they can in a loving home.

But when an accusation of abuse is made by the child who cries silent tears, they are held under a microscope and every little detail of the abusers sins are constantly probed and dissected by the ones who listen to a story unfold of unimaginable horrors.

Family members, or a known visitor to the home commits most of these crimes.  Thrusting the child once again into a lifestyle of abuse- many victims are removed from the home and families stand in defiance of the allegation -or in defence of the child.

Either way the child is the one scorned upon for breaking up the family— Not the abuser who touched the child in an adult way, or beat him/her senseless. This is when the family are torn – caused by a person who chooses to use and abuse the child flaunting all legal rights and wrongs and putting two fingers up to the basic human rights of that child.

What about when a child says no? Pleads-begs- deplores not to be touched or violated – what about their human rights who is going to put their tortured souls together and help rebuild the child before the pain and hurt. Who is going to help them understand when they are forced to live side by side with their abuser because the rights of a monster is more important than the rights of an innocent child…… Children are singled out –easy victims for paedophilia because they have no voice to protest- not the intelligence to understand their human rights. It’s about time the Judges-Government and Authoritarian figures fought for the justice of our children and the punishment of the perpetrator.

When an adult takes the fist step to destroy the future of a child they should loose all human rights to live in society. When a bear recently went on the rampage because of a toothache and killed a young man- it was killed and paraded in the papers. When a paedophile is found guilty his human rights are questioned and he is allowed to put two fingers up to the judicial system and the victims who have shown tremendous courage. For what?


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