Please sir I am a single parent!!

31st May 2011



What in the world!!!

A convicted burglar was released early from prison because his 8 months sentence breached his children’s human rights.

Wayne Bishop 33, of Clifton, Nottingham admitted burglary and dangerous driving served only one month of his eight month sentence.

His neighbours reportedly think he is “ Nothing but trouble”

Bishop has a history of violence reports Andy Dolan of in 2008 Wayne Bishop was found guilty for using threats and intimidation towards the head teacher of his children’s infants school. After a row over a bracelet leaving the headmistress Dora Woods fearing for hers and her pupil’s safety.


A few questions should have been asked and answered when the decision was made for his appeal.

1st – if he is the only carer to his children who was looking after them 4.30 on a Thursday morning when he was driving like a lunatic chased by the police after his burglary?

2nd- who has been looking after the children since his conviction for a month?

3rd- why is he not working to support his family?

4th- if the human rights of his family are the reason for his release why was this his 4th conviction?

5th- why didn’t this idiot speak out in court and explain his children’s circumstance, surely if he was that concerned about the welfare of his children he wouldn’t have committed the crime.


One wonders what the state of play had he killed another car driver whilst trying to evade capture, or a pedestrian.

This has opened the flood gates for other criminals who will use the same excuse

Single mums and dads have a free ticket to crime.

Critics are right – many more may try to use article 8, which guarantees the right to respect for private and family life- as a get out of prison card.


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