Plymouth mum jailed for 28 days for allowing her daughter to play truant

9th May 2011

I read this news feature mid April in the Plymouth Evening Herald.

Lisa Copeland, (pictured left), was sentenced to 28 days behind bars for allowing her daughter to stay away from school.

What sort of parent doesn’t care if their child is educated?

Her 28 days is almost up and I wonder how this mum now feels about her behaviour?

This is no excuse for being lazy and complacent where children are concerned. It’s about time the Council shook up these lazy parents and made examples of them all.

What type of parent would deny their child the right to be educated and to give them the best possible future available to them? Children need to be normalized otherwise they can become dysfunctional!

It’s so easy to blame the authorities when the truth is, home is where the moral foundations are built and where a child learns right from wrong.

Copeland blames misuse of drugs and health problems as the reasons for her daughter not attending school. Yet the daughter is now living with grandparents and my question is, why were the grandparents not able to help their daughter and then make sure their granddaughter attended school?

It amazes me.

The blame lays with the parents – not the authorities – not the schools and certainly not with the child. Had Copeland’s daughter wanted to start injecting drugs would she stand by and allow it using the same excuses?

It’s about time parents take FULL responsibility.

What future do these uneducated kids have in front of them?

Another generation of literacy and so the traits continue and it doesn’t have to be like this!

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  1. lauryn copeland says:

    my mum is a very good mum to me not even ur services (welfare) could manage to get me to school it was my choice not to attend and my mum did no wrong in the situation over then try to make me attend school you had to be there to understands so u can shut the fukk up bad mouthing her as u aint no fukking better!!!!

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