Some one has to speak for them!!

1st June 2011

I am settling down to watch a program tonight on BBC1 21.00-22.00 Entitles Undercover care: The abuse Exposed.

It is a documentary about a gang of carers out of control and the system ignoring all the warning signs. I am unsure if the warning signs were ignored, more like too many repercussions if exposed.

Who do you run to when things go wrong, when the very people you are meant to trust are the ones doing the abusing- you don’t…  you live through it and get by as best you can.

The first few scenes had me crying for the ones who were suffering at the hands of the carers. Then anger swept over me. Terry Bryant an employee reported the abuse 3 times and did all he could to try and stop it. I have the greatest respect for him, but nothing was done. It takes a lot of courage to accuse another of abuse, let alone a group of people.

But it still doesn’t answer the question why these people were allowed to abuse for so long and how only one other member of staff reported it?

Why was his reports not acted upon and how many other people have  report this kind of treatment only to be ignored and swept under the (carpet of silence)

Joe Casey an undercover agent got a job in Castlebeck and with hidden cameras we were privy to the terrible abuse the patients were subject too. A young female patient and Simon a young male patient seemed to be the targets for these bullies.

Simon 36 years old was reported as always making all support workers smile

I cried with his mother when she was shown the footage of her son being beaten and bullied. How can his family ever get over these images?

Once again I watched as another parent was shown how her daughter was terribly beaten and cold water thrown over her until she shook with shock, at one point whilst being abused by her carers she called out to her mother. The pain her mother felt clear for all to see as she clasped her hand to her mouth and cried out for her daughter’s pain.

I can’t imagine what was going through these two parents minds and how the effects of watching the videos will have on there every day lives.
But one thing I am sure of is the Panorama team, have done a good job to bring this to the attention of the public arena.

Had this been reported in the papers there would be many who would say “ Not in this day and age “ and some who would bury there heads and not have to think about it. Others would read it and pass onto the next page. But with pictures and words it cannot be ignored because the abuse was shown in images no one can deny—

Well done Joe Casey, the reporter who went undercover and I know how hard it must have been for you to watch and listen to it all. The only consolation to you was in time all these abusive cowards would be bought to justice.

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  1. Sharon Wallace says:

    This program affected me so profoundly I was unable to sleep as I was cast back to my own childhood with images of the same kind of abuse. I wish it possible that we could catch a child being abused by a parent. Physical and emotional abuse are damaging torture and as they held down the young female patient and venomously spat that she was ugly and directed derogative comments whilst three people held her down, I started to cry. This scene evoked rage within me as I was transported back to an 11 year old, who was treated the same way. So I not only watched this poor girls pain I relived it with her

    I wanted to reach into the television and help the vulnerable girl, as I knew she would be hurt far deeper then any physical beaten could yield.

    I have discussed this program with a few friends and some have said it shouldn’t be shown as they found it too upsetting; they had the choice of turning off the television or turning it over! These people in Castlebeck didn’t have that luxury.

    Others have said it was disturbing and others have no real opinion. But the one thing we all had in common was the horror and disgust that is was ignored when reported.

    I am thankful it was shown because the young girl had tried to tell her mum she was being beaten and abused. Much like many parents of family in these homes we don’t believe it could happen, now we know differently. Do I believe it’s a one off case- NO.

    I believe its more widespread although I also believe there is more good homes than bad.

    But abusing the most vulnerable is unforgivable not only should these bullies be prosecuted and jailed they should also be made to return all wages paid to them because lets face it, they didn’t do their job- did they.

    Lets just hope none of them are single parents and plead the 8th!!!

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