Starting over after kinship care.

15th January 2016

I have decided to open a beauty salon and know I have a very long road to make it succeed. I worry about the girls and their futures and know if I can show them we all need a works ethics, it will help them to know working hard is the only way you succeed.

Both girls are now growing  fast and Skye just turned 9 years December 2015. Sophia will be 8 years in a few days time and both girls have grown to be amazing little people in their own right.

Skye has the most amazing sense of humour and is a loving soul. A far cry from the angry violent 11 month old we took on November 2007.

Sophia has been with us since she was born, and is a very intelligent little person who runs rings around both my husband and I.

I hope to be writing on here in a few years time that my journey to start my own business aged 59 is a success.

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