Yesterday’s Sun Newspaper Story caught my eye

12th April 2011

According to The Sun newspaper on 11th April, it’s been claimed that at least five primary schoolgirls have been sexually assaulted by two boys AGED SIX!

This seriously beggars belief!

What is the world coming to when we cannot defend our children from being touched. These boys are still in the school and having to be chaperoned throughout the day.

According to the report, it has taken months for the school to act accordingly and although I agree that these boys needs have to be addressed, so does the needs and welfare of every other female child in the school!

If the boys had been hitting or bullying another child they would be excluded!

If they were unruly towards the teacher and disruptive in the classroom they would be excluded!

One has to ask why these boys think it appropriate to touch another child in this way. Some things do need explaining to a small child! It’s what is appropriate behavior and what isn’t! Where is today’s moral code!!

Being curious about others as very young children is perfectly healthy. But continuing to touch or distress others to the point you have to be chaperoned through the day is concerning to the extreme, and at six years of age one has to ask, what have we come to here?

Of course, then there is the psychological trauma to the little girls who are being touched inappropriately and the message sent to them is, ‘it’s okay even though you are distressed’ and traumatized by these boys, they still have to attend the school, but with chaperones, so you may be safe. The school is letting down the victims and although I understand the legal ramifications SURELY the parents of these boys would be pushing for them to get counseling and doing all they could to find out why their children think this behaviour is sociable acceptable?

Wouldn’t you think??

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  1. Hi Sharon, this is indeed worrying and yes the needs of the girls in the school and the boys concerned need to be considered. However, I’m always wary about stories I read in ‘The Sun’. So I would be asking a question about the actual nature of the ‘sexual assault’? What actually happened? Could it have been a story blown up out of proportion, as ‘The Sun’ sometimes does? Is it a matter of the school failing to fulfil it’s duty of care to girl pupils or is it ‘The Sun’ selling a story? Once I know the answer then I’ll feel free to comment further.

    • Fiona says:

      Sharon, Claudia Crawley took the words out of my mouth/off my keyboard. I was wondering if “sexual assault” meant touching a girl’s leg/bum or lifting her dress/skirt up (often done messing about when I was at primary school – sometimes a girl would do it to another girl, just thinking it was funny to lift someone’s dress up so you could see their knickers). I occasionally lifted another girl’s dress up at primary school…should I go on the sex offenders’ register? And had that done to me – am I a “sex abuse survivor”? Before we judge how to react – if a reaction’s necessary at all – we should know the context of the “sexual abuse”.

      • Peter says:

        How can you possibly put lifting a dress up, exposing a child’s under ware acceptable


        Why would you think touching some one in the manner you have portrayed acceptable


        Touching anyone in a manner that causes them stress is assault.

        NO means NO, regardless.

        I bet the girl whose dress was lifted didn’t find it funny?

        I find your attitude towards the victim outrageous.

        Thank god we have moved forwards and no one has to suffer bullying, or

        abuse from their class mates.

        Obviously you like your skirt lifted, thats your preference, but don’t judge every one by
        your standards!!!

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