Man cuts off ex-girlfriends hair!

Jul 07 2012

A man attacks his ex-girlfriend with an electric razor and cuts off her hair with scissors has been ordered to pay her £700 compensation!!!!

Justin Ninnim, decided this was his ex-girlfriends punishment for answering a phone call from a male friend in Germany.His punishment dealt out from Judge Gilbert in the Plymouth crown court was…. Read more…

Is this heaven?

May 09 2012


Embroiled in my own silent reverie I walk among the clouds
No pain or guilt just peace a blanket of feathered plums
I walk with head held high my pace defined and sturdy 
Memories are stained from yesteryears soils

No tomorrows to fear or yesterdays to reproach 
Fear replaced by strength. Condemnations to approval, hate to love
War to peace, 
All my fortunes a clear tunnel ahead.
I am ready to believe in a higher being, I am ready to appease my shame
The good lord has allowed my soul to be cleansed in the lake of crowns
My past forgiven and accepted, my future whole and clean
I have to return from whence I came to mortal man 
The earth is a richer place than we will ever know
Heaven is a place of beauty bestowed with love and honour
No one judges what has been done; no one will avert his or her eyes as you turn
All are equal no kings or queens, no presidency or palace no prime ministers lair
No colour or creed, no higher or low, just souls who come together
Learning to live with love and compassion for all who have arrived 
Children run with autonomy and smiles even the ones who were beaten, are beguiled
I am sad I have to return leave this special sacred land returning to another life
Maybe rebirth will be better this time the tunnel has light as I slowly make my way
I hear the sounds of the people who will make me theirs today 
Once more born once more a time to be strong I hope this time 
They will want me to belong.

(C) SW 2012

55 years young and still making mistakes!!

Nov 22 2011

All those who wish you well on a birthday are the ones important in your life. Those who are missing are missing for a reason. I have had a wonderful day but it was marred by my past and revelations that when my abuser broke my leg it was broken the day before my 14th birthday. Read more…

Some one has to speak for them!!

Jun 01 2011

I am settling down to watch a program tonight on BBC1 21.00-22.00 Entitles Undercover care: The abuse Exposed.

It is a documentary about a gang of carers out of control and the system ignoring all the warning signs. I am unsure if the warning signs were ignored, more like too many repercussions if exposed.

Who do you run to when things go wrong, when the very people you are meant to trust are the ones doing the abusing- you don’t…  you live through it and get by as best you can.

The first few scenes had me crying for the ones who were suffering at the hands of the carers. Then anger swept over me. Terry Bryant an employee reported the abuse 3 times and did all Read more…

My Pre Easter Weekend Blog

Apr 21 2011

I’m feeling incredibly sad at the moment as I have said goodbye to my son today as he is being deployed to Afghanistan, his third deployment and 2nd service in Afghanistan. I remember all too well when he returned last time and how this affected all the family psychologically. I was so afraid I wouldn’t see him again but he’s amazing and showed no emotion to concern us with about his departure. He joked and smiled, and then he drove out of sight..

I had to keep my composure because my small granddaughters living with us needed me to be strong.

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Never judge a book by its cover

Apr 18 2011

I was wondering what to blog about today when I was drawn into a heated discussion on Facebook.

I asked that someone stop sending messages that had profanity and choice abbreviations splashed all over the vile messages being sent. I then became the object of Facebook bullying as this person continued the tirade of abuse in a private emailing war. Not pleasant and unexpected!

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Real life: raising my second generation family

Mar 30 2011

Two little gifts from heaven have been living with us (my husband Mike of 34 years and my mother-in-law) for three years now and it’s been the most trying of  times if truth be told.  Both girls are my Paternal Granddaughters and were born to  prolific drug users – their father is my son.

Skye was born 2006 and this little one was born an addict yet made  remarkable progress in her fight to survive.  Her parents cleaned up  their act and she started her life like any other child. Or so we thought. Maybe I wanted them clean more than they did, but my  granddaughter was suffering badly and I witnessed daily demise.  Aged  just 11 months, we were faced with a choice, we either take her on or she would be placed into care…

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I elected to take the Polygraph Test

Mar 14 2011

After writing the first two titles in my ‘Whispers’ Trilogy, I  foolishly thought my abuser would stand tall and once again call me a  liar, resulting in him taking me to court for slander. I am a great believer in British justice and knew he would crumble in a Court of  Law. The truth has a way of coming out always sitting on simmer waiting for the pot to boil.

I looked into the polygraph test (the lie detector test) and wondered if it could be trusted  to speak the truth. I researched it and read a piece about sex offenders being polygraphed to see the likelihood of them re-offending when released back into society. If this was good enough for the Government then it was good enough to speak the truth for me.

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