Join the Army and travel the world!!

Jun 13 2011

Join the Army and travel the world!!


The adverts used to entice young men and woman with that slogan – Now, its a completely different world.


What is a soldier’s job?

To pledge his/her allegiance to queen and country to carry out the orders of his/her superiors without challenging or obstructing them.

Many films make the lifestyle of a soldier exciting – full of wonderment fast cars and espionage, a real James Bond existence or Rambo character.


No one mentions the loneliness of war for the solider or the aching to see their loved ones for 6 plus months at a time. When a comrade is shot within ten feet of the solider he has to get his friend and comrade to safety and carry on. War has many victims and not just the ones who lose their lives in an endless turmoil of blood and conquest. Many men go off to war after the birth of a child and when returning sees a toddler they don’t recognize and the child shies away not recognizing the daddy stood before them. Read more…

Has the world just become a more dangerous place?

May 02 2011



So Bin Laden is dead and we can all sigh a breathe of relief for a few minutes at least. I am unsure how or why any one could kill another in the name of their God. I am not the sharpest tool in the box, and some say even a few slices short of a loaf at time.

I am worried about the backlash of his death on the world and when first heard of his downfall, I was catapulted back to Sept 11th and the devastation of the twin towers attack. At least the families of the ones who were killed that day have some satisfaction that he is not able to plot another. Read more…

Osama Bin Laden Dead!

May 02 2011

Osama Bin Laden

Was born March 10, 1957 he was born into Saudi bin Laden family and the founder of the jihadist terrorists and Al-Qaeda directly responsible for the twin tower attacks in the U S A  on September 11th and numerous other attacks against military as well as civilian attacks. Read more…

My Pre Easter Weekend Blog

Apr 21 2011

I’m feeling incredibly sad at the moment as I have said goodbye to my son today as he is being deployed to Afghanistan, his third deployment and 2nd service in Afghanistan. I remember all too well when he returned last time and how this affected all the family psychologically. I was so afraid I wouldn’t see him again but he’s amazing and showed no emotion to concern us with about his departure. He joked and smiled, and then he drove out of sight..

I had to keep my composure because my small granddaughters living with us needed me to be strong.

Read more…