Never judge a book by its cover

Apr 18 2011

I was wondering what to blog about today when I was drawn into a heated discussion on Facebook.

I asked that someone stop sending messages that had profanity and choice abbreviations splashed all over the vile messages being sent. I then became the object of Facebook bullying as this person continued the tirade of abuse in a private emailing war. Not pleasant and unexpected!

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Effects of new legislation on domestic violence

Apr 13 2011

I watched on the news this morning and was interested to know more about the new legislation but it still leaves questions unanswered and may be someone reading this can explain the difference because I am hopelessly stuck with any answers.

Effects of new legislation on domestic violence will allow suspected wife/husband beaters to be banned from the home for up to one month even if the evidence is weak and not enough to charge perpetrator. This order would be immediate if a senior police officer fears for the safety of the abusers partner and children suffering further by the accused returning home.

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Yesterday’s Sun Newspaper Story caught my eye

Apr 12 2011

According to The Sun newspaper on 11th April, it’s been claimed that at least five primary schoolgirls have been sexually assaulted by two boys AGED SIX!

This seriously beggars belief!

What is the world coming to when we cannot defend our children from being touched. These boys are still in the school and having to be chaperoned throughout the day.

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My views on Jamie’s Dream School on TV

Mar 22 2011

How do you Motivate the unmotivated youth of today?

David Starkey, one of the teachers in Jamies’ Dream School should never be allowed to teach in a class with vulnerable aggressive young adults. He used a disability to justify his arrogance and ignorance his behaviour as bad as the kids he was teaching. I was disappointed. I expected something different from such a brilliant man.

This television program shows us the hard task many teachers in real schools have to contend with and being a schoolteacher is not all about teaching the 3 rs.

Being qualified to teach does not make that person skilled to handle children’s negative behaviour in the classroom. Each child comes with its own agenda – background.

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