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Jan 19 2012

I was sorting out the children’s toy boxes whilst Sophia sat quietly being entertained by the children’s program on the television.

“Mummy, why has that lady got one hand”? She asked. I looked to where she was pointing and saw the female presenter had indeed only one arm.

“Because she was born like that darling” I replied

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Plymouth mum jailed for 28 days for allowing her daughter to play truant

May 09 2011

I read this news feature mid April in the Plymouth Evening Herald.

Lisa Copeland, (pictured left), was sentenced to 28 days behind bars for allowing her daughter to stay away from school.

What sort of parent doesn’t care if their child is educated?

Her 28 days is almost up and I wonder how this mum now feels about her behaviour?

This is no excuse for being lazy and complacent where children are concerned. It’s about time the Council shook up these lazy parents and made examples of them all.

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