My Pre Easter Weekend Blog

Apr 21 2011

I’m feeling incredibly sad at the moment as I have said goodbye to my son today as he is being deployed to Afghanistan, his third deployment and 2nd service in Afghanistan. I remember all too well when he returned last time and how this affected all the family psychologically. I was so afraid I wouldn’t see him again but he’s amazing and showed no emotion to concern us with about his departure. He joked and smiled, and then he drove out of sight..

I had to keep my composure because my small granddaughters living with us needed me to be strong.

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Our new grandaughter arrives – Baby Connie

Apr 04 2011

My weekend really started last Friday with the arrival of my beautiful Granddaughter, Connie Marie Wallace, my youngest son’s and his partner Tasha’s child. My son is being deployed to Afghanistan some time in the coming months and we all hoped Connie would show earlier than her due date of 15th April as her daddy could well have missed her birth otherwise. She didn’t let us down.

Welcome to our world sweet Connie. Connie, your daddy will have time to cuddle you now and enjoy the first few weeks of your life before he has to be away for the next 6 months.

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