May England never forget her brave

Nov 11 2012

England mourns for her dead across the sea,

Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,

Fallen in the cause of the free. Read more…

R.I.P Sue xx

Jul 30 2012

Today I stood behind the family of one of my friends united in our grief at her passing. Sue was a very strong woman and always full of life.  Always quick to give an opinion her voice strong, even in a whisper people a few feet away could hear her. It was weird being in the same room, or chapel- with her and not hearing her loud thunderous laugh.


Standing besides a childhood friend who I havnt seen for many years I  felt angry with my self as I realised just how much she has always meant to me. As we parted we promised to stay in touch, I hope we are able to take a few hours of a day to do just that. Read more…

Whitney Houston 09/08/1963 – 11/02/1963

Feb 13 2012

Whitney Houston 09/08/1963 – 11/02/1963

Another life destroyed by the demon drink and the devils whore (illegal drugs) they may not have taken her life that fateful day, but they sure as hell destroyed it many years before.

Fame comes at a cost for many. Whitney blossomed from a single rose as a child into the most amazing bouquet. Her rainbow of colour spanning over three decades and her unique voice equivalent to no other I have heard, nor am I likely to in my lifetime. Read more…

The eyes are the windows to our souls!!!

Jan 04 2012

To wear a mask daily is to deny your soul from living.

Depression takes a while to take hold like the silence of the night it creeps up and takes you unaware. Once it holds on it buries itself deeper, much like the bug that buries deep into the rug for warmth.

It takes months to peel off the layers that covered your soul. Some times without support we never quite get free and death is an option some choose. We don’t kill our selves because of our loved ones we don’t deliberately choose to leave them.


IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU- OR THEM, BUT ME. A tortured soul that believes eternal sleep will give  the freedom to let go!!




Depression, a lonely vile road!!

Aug 21 2011

Depression is an illness that makes the sufferer stand-alone. We are never really sure why we get so depressed that it becomes clinically severe, but I do know it is a lonely vile road to travel. I have recently just got over a period of depression that was caused by many factors in my life.

It started with my desire to better my self so I searched the internet for an agent to help catapult me into the media and become known as a public speaker, and  also get my message about child abuse issues Read more…

Ending ones’ life isn’t an act of cowardice

May 24 2011

Ending ones’ life isn’t an act of cowardice – it is the depths some have fallen too when nothing else has healed a tortured soul.

I was deeply moved to read a story in our local paper this week.

When you stand at the edge of your LIFE you don’t think of the people you leave behind as crying or missing you. You don’t do this to punish or hurt the loved ones you leave in such a quick unanswered way. You believe in your own low self esteem and stopping the pain of life itself is all that is in your heart-soul-and very being.

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Out with the old, in with the new

Mar 31 2011

I am multi-tasking with my web designer Nigel from Clarihon and my PR and good friend Sue Blake from Sue Blake Media. We are emailing at a furious rate watching my old site disappear and the one you read now standing proud in its place.

I haven’t been able to get excited about this new site and was worrying that maybe my past illness (pneumonia) had pulled me down more than I would admit. But reading through the old site I realised why. I am shrugging off the shackles of my past and saying farewell to an old friend.

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1m people have an eating disorder in the UK

Mar 28 2011

One million Britons apparently have an eating disorder according to an article I read in the Mail On Sunday and my question is: how are people being treated? I think it very brave of any one in the public eye to come forward and admit they have an eating disorder. We are putting ourselves potentially in the courtroom of condemnation. But Bulimia-anorexia knows no colour nor creed and certainly no sexual preference or social standing.

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