Our new grandaughter arrives – Baby Connie

Apr 04 2011

My weekend really started last Friday with the arrival of my beautiful Granddaughter, Connie Marie Wallace, my youngest son’s and his partner Tasha’s child. My son is being deployed to Afghanistan some time in the coming months and we all hoped Connie would show earlier than her due date of 15th April as her daddy could well have missed her birth otherwise. She didn’t let us down.

Welcome to our world sweet Connie. Connie, your daddy will have time to cuddle you now and enjoy the first few weeks of your life before he has to be away for the next 6 months.

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New Beginnings

Mar 30 2011

I have just received a phone call from my surgeon today cancelling an operation that he was due to perform tomorrow morning.  There are apparently no theatre staff available but when I explained my diagnosis of pneumonia he explained they would have cancelled anyway.

I am relieved yet disappointed but know of the rest of this week’s events to come are going to stretch me on a personal level as well as a business one. My new web site – this site you are now on – is to make sure I’m widely known as an inspirational speaker. My chosen career – the work I was born to do – is speaking to groups about emotive issues I have first-hand experience of.

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