Paedos charter lets them see kids, the sun newspaper August 22 2011-08-23

Aug 23 2011

Again the human rights of the paedophile are put ahead of the safety and wellbeing of a victim.

When a child is abused- sexual – physically and or mentally do these judges who make these rulings consider the victims.


Raped, left bleeding humiliated when told by paedophile it was their fault. Bloodied and bruised torn apart soul when told by the attacker – they made them do it. Read more…

Please sir I am a single parent!!

May 31 2011



What in the world!!!

A convicted burglar was released early from prison because his 8 months sentence breached his children’s human rights.

Wayne Bishop 33, of Clifton, Nottingham admitted burglary and dangerous driving served only one month of his eight month sentence.

His neighbours reportedly think he is “ Nothing but trouble”

Bishop has a history of violence reports Andy Dolan of in 2008 Wayne Bishop was found guilty for using threats and intimidation towards the head teacher of his children’s infants school. After a row over a bracelet leaving the headmistress Dora Woods fearing for hers and her pupil’s safety. Read more…