R.I.P Sue xx

Jul 30 2012

Today I stood behind the family of one of my friends united in our grief at her passing. Sue was a very strong woman and always full of life.  Always quick to give an opinion her voice strong, even in a whisper people a few feet away could hear her. It was weird being in the same room, or chapel- with her and not hearing her loud thunderous laugh.


Standing besides a childhood friend who I havnt seen for many years I  felt angry with my self as I realised just how much she has always meant to me. As we parted we promised to stay in touch, I hope we are able to take a few hours of a day to do just that. Read more…

One last shot!!

Jun 25 2011

Tuesday 28th June 2011 will hopefully be the day I open my 1st Fish Spa in my local salon at transit way Plymouth. I have never come across such a friendly professional crew and will be honoured to be a member of their team. They are highly experienced hair stylists – beauty therapists – and nail technicians so all your needs are met under one roof. Read more…

Be careful what you wish for!!!

May 26 2011

I watched a heart-wrenching programme on TV last month which Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell presented on ITV about families who had been estranged for many years. I think the programme was called “Long Lost Families” - watching it made my emotions swing from happiness to grief, to envy and back to anger.

I was very moved by one woman’s story of how she had searched for her father for more than 20 years. He was eventually found living in Canada and when Nicky interviewed him and explained about a daughter he didn’t know even existed, his reaction was one I had always hoped my own biological father would have had. I was so happy for this woman when she met her father and was so thrilled he accepted her. Thank goodness programmes like this are being made so that we can learn about emotional situations and real life stories like this and see a happy ending. Read more…


May 19 2011

Plymouth Royal Marine killed when bomb explodes in Afghanistan my local paper reported this week.

A Taliban bomb killed Plymouth based Royal Marine Nigel Mead who was just 19 years of age, as he searched a compound in the loy Mandeh Wadi area of the Nad-e Ali north district in Helmand province Afghanistan. His untimely death makes him the 365th British servicemen and woman killed since 2001.

He is the 1st Plymouth-based serviceman from Stonehouse-based 3 COMMANDO brigade to die since they took control of security in Southern Afghanistan last month.

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Living the dream?

May 19 2011

I am doing something that I have wanted to do for years now. I wouldn’t say I am living the dream – far from it – I am expelling nightmares.

I have been told so many times to let my past go and to move on with my life by the very same people who have stood and argued because they were short-changed by a penny at the local shop. When buying a car we look around and we never choose to buy an old rusty bucket. When buying food we wouldn’t buy meat that was rotting and full of flies.

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Effects of new legislation on domestic violence

Apr 13 2011

I watched on the news this morning and was interested to know more about the new legislation but it still leaves questions unanswered and may be someone reading this can explain the difference because I am hopelessly stuck with any answers.

Effects of new legislation on domestic violence will allow suspected wife/husband beaters to be banned from the home for up to one month even if the evidence is weak and not enough to charge perpetrator. This order would be immediate if a senior police officer fears for the safety of the abusers partner and children suffering further by the accused returning home.

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Yesterday’s Sun Newspaper Story caught my eye

Apr 12 2011

According to The Sun newspaper on 11th April, it’s been claimed that at least five primary schoolgirls have been sexually assaulted by two boys AGED SIX!

This seriously beggars belief!

What is the world coming to when we cannot defend our children from being touched. These boys are still in the school and having to be chaperoned throughout the day.

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My views on mixed-gender hospital wards

Apr 07 2011

I saw this coverage in our local paper and felt compelled to write a blog about mixed-gender hospital wards:

In my view, mixed-gender wards should never have been introduced. I have been in and out of hospital a lot over several years and am always anxious about sharing a ward with men and I know many women feel the same. I was in hospital about three years ago in a single room and the rest of the wards were mixed-sex.

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Ex-Plymouth primary head teacher is GUILTY of sex attacks

Apr 07 2011

I followed this case closely as anyone who knows me will know a guilty verdict is another nail in the coffin from keeping filth like this man away from our children.

A man in a position of trust (blog picture is of this guilty man) and trust for the most vulnerable in society – our youngsters.

I hope this serves to all those in a position of trust and respect that if you abuse the children, in your care one day they will become the adults who accuse.

My heart is saddened for what his victims will be going through at this time. A mixture of emotions. Incredible relief they were believed but tinged with sadness that their suffering and pain will continue – probably through the rest of their lives.

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The horrible danger of blinds..

Apr 04 2011


Plymouth toddler 21 months dies in hanging accident http://bit.ly/dTBRWI

This little one’s daddy was working at my daughter in-law’s house a few days before and was very proudly talking about his family to her.

Words fail me how these parents must be feeling. He leaves behind a twin brother and another sibling.

Danielle’s mummy has spoken about her wishes that no one else should ever lose a child through such terrible circumstances. I have blinds running around the whole of my home but knew that they can be lethal for babies and youngsters.

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